March Madness

March Madness starts TONIGHT, Tuesday March 19.

March Madness is a Keirin-inspired track bike racing tournament in Prospect Park. Over the next three weeks, 32 racers (16 As and 16 Bs) will battle it out to see who is the fastest sprinter on a 3000m course through the middle of the park.

Registration at 8p, racing at 9p.
Buy in for the tournament is $20 (to race all three weeks).
Fixed gear, no brake required.
Open to any and all.
Rally near the entrance to the ice rink.


After a week off, we are back in action!

Meet up on the park loop near Wollman Rink (east side of the park, near the barricade before the up hill begins).

Tonight’s format is: MISS AND OUT.  In this race, the last rider is pulled out at the end of each lap until only three remain to contest the finish. 

There will be THREE fields based on the first week times.

Sign in starts at 8p.  Riding begins at 830p. 


Up Jump the Boogie (Nights) Week 1 Results

Week 2 racing postponed until Nov 6 due to hurricane aftermath. 

Be Safe Everyone!

Up Jump the Boogie (Nights) Week 1 Results

Week 2 racing postponed until Nov 6 due to hurricane aftermath. 

Be Safe Everyone!

Fall Series Beginning Soon

The weather is getting crisp and another road and track racing season is coming to a close.  Fear not, track junkies, Boogie Nights returns!  Whether a coda to your 2012 race season or inspiration for winter training, Boogie Nights got your fix.

Series Starts Tuesday October 23.

Big up Continuum Cycles and Ride Brooklyn for your continued support of new and up-and-coming riders.

Dark Night Races continue TONIGHT

 meet up is at the drum circle tonight at 9pm.

Start/finish will be in that area.

5 lap points race.
lap 1 - 6-4-2 (double points)
lap 2 - 5-4-3-2-1 
lap 3 - 3-2-1 
lap 4 - 3-2-1 
Lap 5 - 10-8-6-4-2 (double points)

Cash preme on lap 3 

Working on points/standings from Weeks 1 and 2. Stay tuned.


Meet at grassy triangle by grand army plaza at 9pm.

Race is a 3 lap scratch race. Points for top 10 finishers.

Dark Night Races (Boogie Nights IV) is underway. 40 racers turned out Tuesday for the opening individual time trial. Times were quick and anticipation crackled in the crisp fall air. Looking forward to an impressive series guys - Good hunting!

The series continues Tuesday October 18 at 9pm. If we missed week one, don’t worry, come on out.

Big up to everyone who braved the cold last night.

Congrats to Giancarlo and Jake.

Thanks to Ride Brooklyn, Stumptown, Outlier, 3rd Ward, Goods, breukelen coffee house, Supermighty and Ku jewelry for the support.

Grab your bubble goose and your shoe covers, it’s brisk out but it’s on tonight!

Racing live in prospect park. 9pm.

Week 5 final showdown five lap points race.

Rain delay.

Park road is wet and slick with leaves. Week 5 postponed one last time until next Tuesday.